Like you, we are passionate about automotive finish and share a similar desire to protect the investment you’ve poured into your vehicle.  We constantly seek out the best technology and products to safeguard the vehicle’s exterior finish.

Premium paint treatment

Beeds is found in liquid state during room temperature, is made of nano molecules so small, it can fill up the pores of your car’s paintwork and crystallize within. when applied to the surface it protects the finish from the elements it forms a strong protective glass-like layer of on your car’s paint finish.

Advanced protection

This latest in paint protection system will provide enhanced levels of anti-graffiti, high water repellency, corrosion, oxidation and anti-scratch properties. 

Easy Mainteneance

one of the most important properties of Beeds is its hydrophobic property. The layer of protection is so durable it will repel dust, harmful chemicals, dirt, road tar, bugs and other contaminants. With regular proper maintenance you will be able to maintain your beloved ride to showroom shine effortlessly.

Paint Secured

Beeds ceramic coatings provide added safeguard layer against corrosion and is highly scratch resistant. With BEEDS Premium Ceramic Paint Treatment, your car is not only 60% more scratch-resistant and 200% more water-resistance, it also boosts the car’s paint finish to as hard as a 9H pencil lead!


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